The Local Roots Story

Local Roots Farm Market sprouted from humble beginnings right here in Squamish, BC


Our journey began as a small urban seedling sale held in our parent’s driveway. At that time, we carried the moniker "Republic Heirlooms," a name inspired by our neighborhood, the "Republic of Brackendale," and our initial focus on heirloom tomato seeds.


As our business flourished beyond our tomato-centric origins with the enthusiastic support of our community, it became clear that we needed a new name—one that better encapsulated our evolving mission and the vision we had for our farm. In 2022, we embarked on a transformative journey. Starting with a plot of bare land, we embarked on an ambitious venture.


In March 2022, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We carved out pathways, removed trees, and erected a fence to create separation from the Common Acre Community Farm and the Easter Seals summer camp. Despite the growing season being in full swing, we wasted no time constructing two gothic-style greenhouses. We connected water and electricity using an extension cord and a ⅝” hose bib, then with the greenhouses in place, we compacted the remaining retail space and carefully laid ground cover to keep pesky grass and weeds at bay.


On the south side of the property, we broke ground on a market garden. Overcoming the challenges posed by Mother Nature, Spring 2022 turned out to be one of the wettest seasons on record for our region. Undeterred, we wheeled over 70 yards of soil and chips, crafting a vibrant, nutrient-rich environment. Despite nature's tests, our determination remained unwavering.


After two rewarding seasons serving our community, our mission at Local Roots is clear: we strive to give people the confidence to garden and reconnect Squamish to locally grown, nutrient-dense foods by not only supplying the means but also offering education to make the most of every season. We take immense joy in connecting Squamish families with the joys of gardening, fostering a deeper connection to the land, and creating cherished memories through seasonal events like pumpkin patch visits and selecting the perfect Christmas tree.


Join us at Local Roots Farm Market as we cultivate not just gardens but also lasting connections within our community. To stay up to date on the most recent happenings and events, subscribe to our newsletter. 

Our involvement in the community

Connection with Squamish

As a family based business, with founders born and raised in Squamish, we take pride in our community connections, including strong volunteer ties to the annual Squamish Days festival. We look forward to fostering further relationships within our community through a common love of gardening and events hosted at our market.

Common Acres community farm

In partnership with Young Agrarians, Squamish Climate Action Network subleases the community land on which we operate, with the goal of providing sustainable agriculture and food production in our region, as identified in the Squamish Valley Agricultural Plan.

Zero-waste initiative

We are fully committed to operating our market with a zero waste initiative. We offer nursery pot recycling to our customer base to encourage reuse of plastics, and make use of alternative materials whenever possible. All green waste is composted and harvest waste is donated to Lavendel farms for animal consumption. Every possible item is recycled with the goal of achieving a zero waste environment and we will continue to evolve as the industry develops to further support this crucial initiative.

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